Pastry-MakingClasses and Ateliers for all

All kinds of classes and ateliers are available, in French and in English. Cream puffs, macarons, chocolate: whatever your favorite, whatever your level, you're sure to find what you love. Welcome all sweet-tooths.


Advanced Patisserie

Take a glimpse into the world of the high end patisserie, as our chefs share their secrets and techniques with you, creating beautiful and elaborate patisserie.

You can take home any patisserie you have made during the course.

Advanced level.

April 22, 2017 at 2:30 pm & May 12, 2017 at 2:30 pm

165 euros per person.


The best learning is by doing. Follow the chef's lead.


Velvety, luxurious, divine: the art of working with chocolate.


Crispy outside, creamy inside: learn the secrets behind making this colorful favorite.

Cream Puffs

Once their mystique has been removed, interpreting them however you like becomes a delicious game for one and all.

"Good cuisine is the basis of true happiness." 

Auguste Escoffier

Haute Couture Pastries

A master class for anyone wishing to learn the secrets to making jewel-like pastries: the applied art of haute pâtisserie.


Homemade viennoiseries: master the know-how and method behind breakfast pastries and magical tea time cakes.

Traditional Desserts

A delicious course on mastering the great classics that have always been the highlight of the French art of dessert-making.
Other fancies

Gift Cards

Offer a cooking or pastry class with an Ecole Ritz Escoffier gift card. 
Whether your guest is wild for macarons or cream puffs, a chocolate lover or a fan of culinary design, we have the the perfect class.


Sharing experience and knowledge:

Learning to cook is a school of happiness where everyone can succeed.